We are here to support ambitious, highly performing women of the business world to reclaim their balance and inner feminine force, so they can start creating life on own terms, without a fear to jeopardize their career, relationships or home.

We truly believe in a great potential and creation power of women.
We are here to help them think bigger and to LOVeMPOWER them.

We bring to life holistic approach of connecting body-mind-soul via coaching, mentoring, yoga, access bars, meditation, breathing techniques and many others.

Are you a woman of a business world…
who wants to reclaim balance in life?

How are you supposed to find balance and peace if you are constantly under pressure? If you are constantly in a very competitive and demanding business environment?
How to find time for yourself if there is no time for anything?
And is it actually possible to find balance in life without a fear to jeopardize your career, relationships or home?
Is it worthy to take a risk, if it is all very scary?

If any of these questions or all of them resonated with you, you are in the right place.

Working with us will help you to break through your patterns and limiting schemes you have built over your lifetime, so you can reclaim your balance, your inner feminine force and, in result, to start living your life on own terms, without jeopardizing your career, relationships or home, being fully and truly your authentic self.

Meet our Founder…

Malwi Luczynska – ACC ICF accredited coach, RYT200 yoga teacher, access bars practicioner and business leader with over 15 years of experience in strategy, sales, marketing from Brazil, Portugal, the Netherlands, CEE markets, including Poland.

SI AMAR is a fruit of of her personal experience.
At some point of her professional career, she lost balance in life, was overworked, stresses, competitive, putting bar higher and higher for herself, without much of the quality time out of work. It took her quite a time to get out of it; and she realized there must be more women, who struggle with the same.

Over the last years, combining coaching, yoga, meditation and other tools, she created her signature, holistic approach towards physical and mental wellbeing. 

She is taking up the challenge to help other women of the business world reclaim their balance so they can start creating and living life on own terms, being fully and truly their authentic selves.

Imagine, that you are part of a global community of ambitious, highly performing women of the business world and you have direct access to powerful ideas, methods, tactics, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Whether you are looking to improve your work-life balance, your career, collaboration at work, relationships, health or the way you are and feel everyday – SI AMAR is your key to make real and lasting improvements in your life.

SI AMAR app is free to download and gives you opportunity to become part of SI AMAR community.
By becoming SI AMAR community member you get an access to community group chat with different, thematic rooms, masterclasses, interviews with inspiring women from around the world, affirmations, breathing techniques, stress release practises, guided meditations, yog practices, knowledge about women cyclicality, energy in body as well as LIVE weekly yog practises as well as LIVE Connect & Inspire monthly sessions. 



SI AMAR is a space of women empowerment.

Our ambition is to connect women of the business world in one global community, built on values of: unity, creation, celebration and power.


To get started, follow these 3 steps:

  • Download the app in the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play Store

  • Sign in using your email and password

  • Start exploring SI AMAR app & its content. Find solutions for yourself and connect with other women who are on the same journey as you!

SI AMAR Community


We have created SI AMAR community, so no women if the business world is left behind.

In today’s world it is so easy to fall into limiting schemes, routine, that keep us stuck in the zone of “unpleasant known”.

So many women go through the same challenges these days: highly demanding work environment, the (inner) need to prove own worth and value, high competition in work environment, a lot of masculine energy, lack of collaboration, stress, high (self) expectation to perfectly combine role of ambitious professional with being a role model mom, partner and taking care of home.


Where, in all this rush, is a time for a mental and physical selfcare, quality time with & for self?

SI AMAR community was created to answer on these needs.

It is a platform of growth, exchange, support and collaboration. It is a place of taking your life to the next level, from a place of finding a balance. It is a place where women support and elevate each other.

By joining SI AMAR community you will become part of global community of women of the business world. You will have access to:

  • CHAT  – group chat connecting women from all over the world, with different, thematic rooms. 
  • WOMEN INSPIRE WOMEN – talks with inspiring women worldwide.

  • MASTER YOUR MIND  – tips for your daily business life, including affirmations, breathing techniques, meditations, yog asanas on the go,  stress and anxiety relief practises and many more.

  • CONNECT WITH BODY – including yog for women, total biology, cyclicity, somatic movement, energy in the body etc.

  • LIVE YOG PRACTISE – once per week

  • LIVE CONNECT & INSPIRE sessions – montlhy 


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Your Individual Transformation Program (YIT) ©

6 months of individual program for you to make lasting changes in your life.
Working with Malwi 1:1 will be a transformative experience for you.

Because she knows the challenges of the women of the business world from her personal experience of over 15 years career in international corporations around the world. She knows how you might feel, what you are going through, because she was in similar place.

Working with her is not typical coaching, neither therapeutic session.

She will be working with you individually on your personal challenges and goals and the approach will be tailored to you and your needs.
She will be basing on her proven, signature approach combining body-mind-soul, for you to achieve quick and permanent change.



12/24 SESSIONS 1:1



In your 6 months, individual program YIT©  you will receive:


  • Package of individual sessions online/offline with Malwi
    60-75 min each, once every 1 or 2 weeks

  • Analysis of your innate, dominant potential

  • Analysis of your non-adaptive emotional schemes 
  • Personalised meditation
    dissolving your dominant limiting belief, recorded for you individually.

  • Materials & tools adjusted to your needs
    for your individual work between the sessions.

  • Online access via chat,
    so you can clarify any doubts, challenges, ask questions, share successes.


On top you will get:

  • free access to SI AMAR community group chat for your individual program’s duration

  • Free access to SI AMAR membership content 


Your Individual Transformation Program (YIT) © will start with 30 minutes discovery session to map your current situation: identify your barriers & set your desired situation. During the session we will also arrange all the technical aspects of working together.


You are destined to live life of your dreams and my mission is to help you
to make your dreams become your reality!

Offer for business

Every organization needs an action plan to drive engagement among the employees, strengthen the teamwork, elevate the productivity, to ultimately fulfill the organization’s mission and purpose.


What we observe currently in the business environment and what becomes a tendency, is that most of employees are not much engaged in their jobs. On top of that, teamwork is suffering the increasing competition and lack of trust. And women in business, “fighting” for equality, start to become so called “better men”, driven by masculine energy of competitiveness, logic, goals, pursuit and achieving. All this leads to the situation, where corporates start to become a “battlefield” – for results, for the budget, for recognition, for position, etc.

It is a time to change it.
It is a time to focus on your team and their mindset.
The most important skills in your teams are not anymore the technical competences of their members, but rather their ability to manage their emotional and mental state of mind, both in the work environment and outside.

And we are here to help you and your teams learn how to manage your emotional and mental state of mind and in result to cope successfully with all the challenges, that are inevitable in the competitive and prosperous business environment, like yours.

Our coaching & mentoring offer is to help you and your team master their mindset, move toward the problems, solve them and grow from them. Whether you want to work on:

  1. Trust in the team

  2. Strengthen and manage better the teamwork

  3. Increase the collaboration

  4. Unleash the creativity

  5. Deal better with stress, challenges, problems and to solve them

  6. Increase your team’s negotiation power

  7. Work on eliminating limiting beliefs in your teams

  8. Increase the self-worth and self-esteem of your team and team members

we are here to support you in this process.

Our approach is tailored to your needs and your specifics.
We don’t have a “one-serves-all” approach, because we believe that every person, every team, every business and every situation is unique.

In these days more people than ever are leaving their jobs.
However, the truth is that employees don’t leave the corporates in which they feel coached, supported, trusted and in which they feel they are growing.



Support your employees and the teams to grow in all areas of their lives, help them to stay engaged and motivated.

Send an inquiry to work together!
Share the topic you want to address and let’s align on the details during a Discovery Call




One unstoppable You!

In 9 weeks, join Malwi’s proven process for breaking through your schemes and uncovering your limiting beliefs, that stop you from living your life in your true potential and being your authentic You.

Enroll now & reconnect to your true self!
Hurry, you don’t want to miss it!

If you feel you lost balance in life, feel stuck, lost and don’t know how to move forwards.
If you feel you have no time for yourself anymore, feel tired, stressed, discouraged.

If you want to make changes in your life, but it all feels very scary and you worry to get out of the current routine..

If these statements feel like talking about you, this program is definitely something for you.

Especially, if you have also tried to make changes in your life, started doing it for week or two to find yourself reverting to old patterns.
If this sounds familiar, this program will help you eliminate outdated, unwanted patterns and embrace your true self fully.

So, do you want to reconnect to your true self and awaken CREATRIX within?

Creatrix program© is Malwi’s signature, intensive, transformation program.
Few times a year she takes a global community of women through 9 weeks of deep dive program to reconnect to who you really are and having the courage to break through your patterns and limiting schemes you have built over your lifetime, that might have prevented you from living life on your terms, being your authentic self.



During 9 weeks, together with other women of the business world from across the globe, you will dive into this holistic program, that will help you get rid of your limiting schemes and beliefs, reconnect to your true self, that was always there – within You and will start building your self worth, your inner force, your power and potential of creation.


When you join, you will get access to:

  1. 9 weeks of program: 8 weeks x 5 days a week, with 1 week realignment week (~30hs of recorded materials

  1. One 1-1 individual session after week 4, to identify your limiting schemes and realign on your progress

  2. 8 weekly live coaching check in sessions (~12hrs in total)

  3. Access to Creatrix© community chat in SI AMAR app, where you can share your experiences, challenges, support each other

  4. SI AMAR app – allowing you to access the program content at any time, any place

  5. Tracking – where you can track your progress of stress level and your time for yourself.

  6. Guided meditations ( 8 meditations, included in the program) to become more mindful, live in “here & now” and to support you in uncovering Creatrix within.

You are destined to live joyful, fulfilling, happy life and Creatrix program© will help you to get on this path!

If you feel this program is something for you and you wish to participate, enroll by clicking bellow, fill in the registration form and book your 30 minutes discovery session. During the session we will talk about your challenges, objectives and goals and we will check your fit to the program. If qualified, we will also cover all the technical and administrative aspects of your participation.
Due to the very personalized nature and quality level of the program, the group size will be no bigger than 12 participants.

Enroll now to join Creatrix program©
Fill in the registration form and book your Discovery Session.



In regards to collaboration, other questions, inquires, contact us via email: